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Every institution we partner with is assigned an experienced campus lead, who is your dedicated single-point-of-contact for any questions or concerns you may have at any time. They are committed to knowing you, your team and everything about the desired flow for your commencement ceremonies. They work with you throughout the year to ensure that, on commencement day, you are comfortable with and confident in the team photographing your event.


The Grad Team is very pleased to be able to offer ‘Center Stage’ as part of our services. ‘Center Stage’ is a software/hardware platform that works with your existing video feed to display each graduate’s name and degree information as they cross the stage. Our team works directly with your video team to seamlessly integrate ‘Center Stage’ into your video production. Graduates and their families work for years to realize the achievement of crossing the stage on commencement day and receiving their diploma. There are just a few precious seconds before that once-in-a-lifetime moment has passed. ‘Center Stage’ enhances that moment.

Capturing the day

Our photographers are trained to capture the story of each commencement day. We arrive hours before the start of each ceremony to setup and ensure that we are ready to photograph when the first students begin to arrive. Our goal is to tell the complete story of the day in pictures. We don’t just capture great portraits; we capture the spirit of the day. From the arrival of the first graduates to the venue, to the last families leaving for the day, we capture all the pageantry and celebration that is Graduation. All of these candid photos are made available to the institution. Each ceremony we photograph remains accessible to you online through secured hosting on our servers.


We understand that we are guests in your house. Everything we do is centered around respecting that fact. Our team is trained to always adhere to the highest professional standards and honor the dignity of the day in every way.

We understand that, on commencement day, there are countless matters that require your attention. It is our desire to cement a level of confidence with you, such that when our team arrives you will always know that photography is one thing that you can check off your list and will not be a concern for the rest of the day.

From coast to coast, big or small, we cover them all…

Call or Email us and let’s discuss your next event.

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