Selfie Signup for Graduation Photos

What is Selfie Signup?

Selfie Signup
Graduation is a momentous milestone that should be recorded and shared with loved ones, which is why The Grad Team created Selfie Signup – an innovative service to revolutionize how graduates and their families receive commencement photos.
Selfie Signup is an innovative process that enables graduates and their families to provide their email addresses to The Grad Team through a short online form, thus ensuring timely delivery of graduation photos. All it takes to make this happen is scanning a QR code or visiting your school’s picture portal on The Grad Team’s website:
Selfie Signup

Here’s why Selfie Signup is a Graduation game-changer:

Faster Photo Delivery:
Traditional address cards may become misfiled or lack details. Even when provided by schools, there may be inaccuracies or outdated data. Selfie Signup enables graduates to provide their latest contact info more rapidly ensuring the timely delivery of graduation photos.
Parents Stay in the Loop:
Conventional address collection methods tend to leave out parents’ email addresses. With graduation photos being a key milestone for families, Selfie Signup allows parents access to these important images while strengthening the bond they share at this significant event.
A Personal Touch with Selfies:
The Selfie Signup process invites the graduate or a family member to include a selfie. This personalized touch aids in identifying the graduate in various images, beyond just the customary handshake and portrait photos.

How Can You Utilize Selfie Signup?

Whether you’re already a client of The Grad Team or interested in becoming one, our dedicated Commencement Specialists can guide you through this complimentary service.

If you’re planning to include information about graduation photos in your commencement program, here’s a suggested explanation that can be modified to your liking:

“We’re proud to partner with ‘The Grad Team,’ our official graduation photographer. Their various communication methods, including emails, text notifications, and physical proofs, ensure you can effortlessly access your graduation pictures at:

Your personal details are secure, private, and never shared with third parties.

Encourage your graduates to use Selfie Signup with ‘The Grad Team’ for the quickest access to free graduation photo proofs. Rest assured, all contact information is held with the utmost privacy, and there’s never an obligation to purchase photos.”

The Grad Team’s Selfie Signup is more than a service; it’s an enhancement to the graduation experience, bringing students, families, and institutions closer to the joyous occasion. It embodies our commitment to technology, convenience, and personal connection. Experience the difference with Selfie Signup, and make your commencement a celebration to remember.

Selfie Signup
The Grad Team specializes in capturing unforgettable moments at graduation ceremonies across the nation. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for excellence, we ensure every graduate walks away with a keepsake they’ll treasure forever.

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