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The Grad Team is very pleased to be able to offer ‘CenterStage’ as part of our services. ‘CenterStage’ is a software/hardware platform that works with your existing video feed to display each graduate’s name and degree as they cross the stage. Our team works directly with your video team to seamlessly integrate ‘CenterStage’ into your video production. Graduates and their families work for years to realize the achievement of crossing the stage on commencement day and receiving their diploma. There are just a few precious seconds before that once-in-a-lifetime moment has passed.
Enhance the Moment

The moment has come. Your graduates are walking across the stage, receiving their diplomas, and marking a major milestone in their lives. As an institution, you want to ensure that every part of this ceremony is special—down to the finest detail. That's where The Grad Team's innovative technology, CenterStage, comes in.

What is CenterStage?

CenterStage is The Grad Team's exclusive system designed to enhance your graduation ceremony by offering a personalized touch for each student crossing the stage. As your graduates are recognized, a customized banner overlays on the video feed displaying important details like the school's logo, the graduate's name, and their degree or honors. The result? A truly unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Displaying the names of graduates as they walk across the stage is an incredible way to make the moment feel special and memorable. The traditional way of using an audio name call-out can often be confusing and challenging for some attendees, thus causing a disconnection from the event. With CenterStage, every guest can see the graduate's name, making it easier for everyone to put faces to names. Seeing the names of their student feel even more special for their families and guests, with a personalized shout-out they’ll forever treasure.

CenterStage offers customizable display solutions, such as slides, auto name calling, or both. This customization aspect leads to a fantastic experience for each graduate and their family. If your school has a unique way of recognizing its graduates, CenterStage can customize to meet your needs, ensuring the true spirit of your event stays preserved.

CenterStage pairs well with your live-feed, making it easy to allow those who are seated farther away to fully experience the event along with your virtual and ADA guests. This software solution allows the entire audience to see and appreciate each student's success. The Grad Team's ADA and virtual guests can also enjoy the event with audio or visual aids by taking advantage of the CenterStage personalized display solutions. Those with hearing loss can feel included in the proceedings they otherwise may miss out on with just having an audio name call-out.


How Does It Work?

Preparation: Before the ceremony, your institution will provide us with a list of names of all the graduation candidates. The list can also include additional details like degrees and honors.

QR Codes: We then print a unique QR code on each graduate's reader card. These reader cards streamline the event-day operations, making check-ins and last-minute changes seamless.

The Big Day: On the day of commencement, as each graduate approaches the stage, as their QR code is scanned, their name is instantly displayed on the video screens, making the moment even more special.

ADA & Live Streams: CenterStage pairs well with your live feed of the ceremony, allowing those who are seated farther away to fully experience the event along with your virtual and ADA guests. For those with hearing loss, CenterStage allows them to feel included in the festivities they otherwise would miss with only having an audio name calling.

Tech-Savvy Yet Simple: CenterStage is compatible with Windows-based computers and doesn’t require an internet connection. Your AV team will also appreciate its common HDMI video output.


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FAQ - What You Need to Know

FAQs for CenterStage:

Do I need to set up CenterStage myself?
- No, you don't have to set up CenterStage on your own. We handle the customization of the name banner, software configurations, and provide custom reader cards with QR codes at no additional cost.

Will The Grad Team staff the operation?
- You need to assign one person per line to operate CenterStage. If you prefer us to provide a CenterStage operator at your commencement, please inform your account manager.

What equipment is needed?
- All you need is a Windows-based laptop and a barcode scanner, both of which we supply.

Is CenterStage easy to use?
- Absolutely. CenterStage is designed to be user-friendly and simple to operate.

Are there different ways to use CenterStage?
- Yes, CenterStage can operate in various modes:

     Normal Name Display Mode:
     - The most common mode where the graduate's name appears on the venue's jumbotron or large display as their QR code is scanned.

     Normal Name Display Mode with a Second Line:
     - Similar to the normal mode, but also displays honors along with the graduate's name.

     Queuing Mode:
     - QR codes are scanned before the graduate reaches the podium, queuing their name for display on the video screens.

     Slide Mode:  *
     - Displays a pre-built graphic slide containing the graduate's name, honors, image, short quote, or other desired information.

     Auto Name Calling:  *
     - CenterStage can announce graduates' names using pre-recorded audio by professional name readers, eliminating pronunciation concerns.

- Modes can be combined for a unique commencement display experience.

     How much does CenterStage cost?
     - The cost of CenterStage depends on the size of your event. If your event involves 700 graduates or more, we offer CenterStage as a complimentary service for your school. For events with fewer than 700 graduates, please contact us for a customized quote tailored to the specific details of your event.

*  Slide creation and Professional name recording available with GradPak

Online & In Person Demonstrations available.

If interested in finding out how The Grad Team can make your school or organizations' graduation ceremony special with CenterStage, please don't hesitate to reach out. We're always open to answer any questions or concerns you may have.
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