Why The Grad Team?

Our team of Professional Photographers, Commencement Specialists and Account Representatives are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and capturing beautiful images that truly capture the spirit and emotion of the graduation experience. We understand that each ceremony is unique, and we work closely with our clients to ensure that we are meeting their specific needs and capturing the special moments that matter.

We are constantly updating our equipment and training our photographers to stay ahead of the latest trends and techniques. We also invest heavily in back-end technology to ensure that our clients have easy access to their images and that the ordering process is as smooth as possible.

At The Grad Team, we are committed to providing the best possible service and creating memories that will last a lifetime for your graduates. If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your school or organization, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have.

Some reasons why The Grad Team is your best choice in commencment photography...

Montana State Univeristy

Experience and Expertise

Highlight the experience and expertise of your photographers. Discuss their background, training, and how their skills contribute to capturing the essence of graduation ceremonies.

At The Grad Team, we recognize that graduation ceremonies have unique dynamics that require a specialized approach. Our photographers undergo extensive training to familiarize themselves with the flow of these events, ensuring they are always in the right place at the right time.

Dedicated Commencement Specialists

Not only do we want to connect with you on a company-wide level, we also want to connect with you on an individual level. That’s why The Grad Team assigns each school their very own Commencement Specialist, or also known as a Campus Lead. Campus Leads are responsible for speaking directly with your event coordinators to gather specific details about your event, ensuring every photo opportunity is captured seamlessly. Their main objective is to give you that one-on-one dedicated service we promise to provide.

Flexibility and Adaptability

We understand the dynamic nature of commencements, each one possessing its own unique atmosphere and rhythm, and our commitment lies in our flexibility and adaptability. We ensure that our photography team seamlessly aligns with the needs of your event coordinators. Whether it's accommodating diverse venues, adjusting to varied event sizes, or customizing our approach to match your specific ceremony requirements, we take pride in our ability to easily adapt to each and every possible change that may happen due to the ever-evolving landscape of collegiate level celebrations.

Attention to Detail

Our commitment extends beyond capturing the grandeur of college events; we are devoted to seizing the smallest details that weave the tapestry of these significant moments. Our photographers are not merely observers, but skilled artisans trained to be exceptionally attentive to the nuances that make each graduation ceremony unique.

From the radiant joy etched on the faces of graduates, to the proud smiles of staff and family members, we recognize the importance of these subtle expressions. Our team is adept at immersing themselves in the ambiance, ensuring that no heartfelt moment goes unnoticed. Through meticulous training, we empower our photographers to capture the essence of these events by focusing on the intricate details that tell the true story.

Our dedication to excellence lies in our ability to go beyond the obvious, crafting a visual narrative that encapsulates the emotions and subtleties of each celebration. Trust The Grad Team to not just capture moments, but to preserve the essence of your special occasion with unparalleled attention to detail.

CenterStage Name Display System

To make your special day even more memorable, The Grad Team offers a unique feature: our proprietary CenterStage software. As each graduate crosses the stage, their name is displayed, making the moment of recognition feel more personal and significant. This interactive feature helps attendees feel more connected to the event and aids them in putting faces to names.

CenterStage is also highly customizable, offering display solutions that can include slides, auto name calling, or both. The software integrates seamlessly with your live feed of the ceremony, ensuring that those seated farther away, as well as virtual and ADA guests, can fully experience the event. For those with hearing loss, CenterStage allows them to feel included in the festivities they otherwise would miss with only having an audio name calling.


Professional Attire and Conduct

Commencement is that special time of year when graduates don their caps and gowns, marking the end of one journey and the beginning of another. It's a moment of achievement, pride, and anticipation for the adventures that lie ahead. But have you ever considered the significance of what everyone is wearing and why it matters so much?

Traditionally, you'll see graduates proudly wearing their caps and gowns, a symbol of the hard work and dedication that led them to this point. Faculty members, too, often join in, donning the academic regalia that represents their expertise and commitment to education. However, there's a less visible but equally important aspect to the dress code – the attire of those without graduation regalia who play crucial roles on the ceremony floor.

The unwritten rule of commencement ceremonies is that individuals without the iconic caps and gowns should opt for conservative, professional business attire. This is why photographers and assistants of The Grad Team always wear professional business attire. This isn't just about dressing well; it's a gesture of respect towards the graduates, their families, the educational institution, and the grandeur of the event itself. It's a way of saying, "We honor this achievement and recognize its significance."

The Grad Team understands that every institution and ceremony has its unique customs and preferences. If you'd like our photographers to wear something other than professional dress, feel free to communicate your wishes to your dedicated commencement specialist. Some schools may have specific requests – perhaps they'd prefer photographers on stage to wear graduation gowns alongside their clothing.

Chroma Key Technology at Your Graduation

Typically we photograph portraits after the graduate walks off the stage from receiving their diploma.  We normally use either a White or Green background for this photo(s).

Using chroma key, or green screen technology, for graduate portraits at graduations can offer several advantages:

1. Versatility: Chroma key allows us to replace the green, white or blue background with any digital image, providing endless possibilities for creative and personalized backgrounds. This flexibility enables graduates to choose tradiational  backgrounds as well as background(s) with your institutions branding, some schools even ask us to use a well known school campus landmark as one of the background choices we offer.

2. Consistency: Graduation ceremonies often take place in large venues with varying lighting conditions. Chroma key helps maintain a consistent background regardless of the actual environment, ensuring that all portraits have a uniform and professional look.

3. Weather Independence: Graduations may be held outdoors, and weather conditions can be unpredictable. By using chroma key indoors, you eliminate the impact of weather on the quality of the portraits, providing a reliable and controlled environment for photography.

4. Time Efficiency: Setting up and tearing down elaborate background setups can be time-consuming, especially in the midst of a busy graduation event. Chroma key technology simplifies the process, making it quicker to setup, capture portraits and clean up after the event is finished.

5. Space Flexibility: Chroma key setups require less physical space than traditional photo backgrounds or sets. This is particularly beneficial in crowded or limited-space venues, where maximizing available space is crucial for efficient photography operations.

6. Reduced Distractions: Traditional backgrounds may include elements that distract from the main focus – the graduate. Chroma key allows you to eliminate unwanted elements, ensuring that the graduate remains the central figure in the portrait.

7. Creative Branding: For educational institutions, using chroma key provides an opportunity to incorporate branding elements into the background, such as the school logo or colors, creating a cohesive and branded set of graduation portraits.

8. Post-Processing Control: Chroma key technology enables precise adjustments during post-processing, allowing photographers to fine-tune the background, lighting, and overall composition for the best results.

When using chroma key at graduations, it's essential to have skilled photographers and proper equipment to ensure a seamless and high-quality experience for the graduates and their families.  Our experienced Grad Team photographers have been usiong chroma key at graduations for over a decade.

Efficient Workflow and Quick Turnaround

We take pride in our efficient workflow and quick turnaround to ensure that your graduates have a excellent experience.

Immediately following the conclusion of your commencement event(s), images are swiftly sent to our processing lab, typically within an hour. This rapid transfer allows us to promptly initiate the next steps in delivering your graduates memorable photographs.

Within just 48 hours, personalized emails are dispatched directly to your graduates. These emails contain a convenient link to their individual galleries, providing a hassle-free platform for them to view and accomplishment.

For those who utilized Selfie SignUp, the proofing process is expedited even further, ensuring that graduates receive their proofs at an accelerated pace.

Our 24/7 online galleries facilitate effortless ordering and easy payment options. This accessibility ensures that your graduates and families can view and order at their convenience, making for a seamless and user-friendly experience for everyone involved.

Clear Pricing and Packages

Our online ordering platform is user-friendly, provides clear and straightforward pricing, has easy payment options, and is accessible to everyone, making it convenient to make informed decisions about the ordering process without hidden costs. All online orders are promptly processed and mailed directly to the buyers within two business days, guaranteeing a timely delivery of those cherished memories.

Customer Service

At The Grad Team, we take pleasure in knowing that we provide top-notch customer service that exceeds the norm within the industry. We want you to rave about your experience with us, so much so that we go above and beyond to make sure you’re 100% happy. Your dedicated Commencement Specialist may be your main point of contact for most things throughout the commencement process, but our customer service team is there to also help should any questions arise with current orders or with the ordering platform.

Public Relations (PR) Images

At The Grad Team, we understand the value of capturing special memories during your graduation ceremony. That's why our team of professional photographers is dedicated to providing high-quality PR images that showcase the best moments from your event.



As our client, you can expect us to capture PR images of speakers, dignitaries, award recipients, honorary doctorates and other special moments during your ceremony by default. However, we also value your individual requests and are more than happy to fulfill them. If you have any specific PR image requests, please let us know and our team will make sure to capture those special moments for you.

For the final paragraph: After the ceremony, all of your PR images will be available for download within two weeks after your event through your private school portal. These images can be used for your website, newsletters, or other institutional purposes.

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